Communication and Leadership: Sheryl Roush part 3

Our final segment about communication and leadership from the interview with Sheryl Roush,  the keynote speaker at the District 10 Spring Conference of 2016. (Part 1)  (Part 2)Communication and Leadership with Sheryl Roush DTM AS

Communication and Leadership

Sheryl and I talk about how Toastmasters has had a tremendous impact on her life and her career.  “Where Leaders Are Made” isn’t just Toastmasters’ current tagline – it’s the truth.

DTM Leadership

It’s not just about getting a badge – the Distinguished Toastmaster Award is a sign of dedicated, long-term work.  Sheryl shares her story about the way she earned her DTM when the requirements were different from today’s set.

Do Them All

Sheryl has done multiple CC and all of the advanced manuals.  She talks about the value of working through all the speech manuals.  Sheryl knew her goals pretty early and planned her Toastmasters trek with them in mind.  Even the Leadership Excellence series (which I ‘ve rarely seen presentations from but I’ll change that next year!) has great value to Toastmasters who want to develop their leadership skills while giving presentations.

It’s been a pleasure to talk to Sheryl.  She’s full of stories about Toastmasters past and present.  I get a sense of the direction we’ve come as an organization over the decades.  Thank you, Sheryl, for the great interview for these podcasts.

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The Spring Conference is coming up in just 2 weeks.  We want you to have the best possible experience and we’ve gone crazy with additional education sessions, a fantastic keynote, and this year, a Sunday Brunch session about getting paid to go onstage.  If you’re interested, go to the District 10 website to get your tickets to the conference and to the Sunday Brunch.  The Sunday Brunch is open to non-Toastmasters – get your tickets now.

What shape is your gift basket for auctionWe’re still looking for baskets for the silent auction.  No need to get them to us early – just bring them to the conference that day.  Although, if you want to help, we’re looking for volunteers to help with the setup and the conference day itself.  Go to the page and sign up.



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Become a Paid Speaker and Toastmasters Accredited Speakers

Part 2 of our conversation with Sheryl Roush, DTM, and AC (what’s AC?) On the Sunday Brunch programming for the District 10 2016 Spring Conference on becoming a paid public speaker.

Sparkle and Market Like a Pro  Sunday BrunchHow to become a public speaker

District 10 and Sheryl are adding a new feature to this year’s Spring Conference:  a Sunday Brunch with Sheryl’s presentation Sparkle and Market Like a Pro .

This bonus program will

  • Explore your ideal topics and audiences
  • Understand what it takes to get started in this business,
    and be taken seriously as a speaker
  • Recognize what meeting planners expect
  • Start setting your fees
  • Leave with a template to use!

This sounds like a great presentation – I intend to be there with paper and pen for lots of note-taking.

This program is open to Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters.  Go to for tickets.

Become a Paid Public Speaker with the Accredited Speaker Program

When I got Sheryl’s information as keynote to our Spring Conference, I wasn’t sure what two of the letters after her DTM were:  AS.

So I asked – and I learned a lot about accredited speakers and the Toastmasters designation.

It even has its own website:

This is a rigorous program to get recognition as a paid, professional public speaker.  The applicant has to give several speeches before a panel of judges who will determine if the applicant has passed the requirements.  Unlike the rest of the Toastmasters programs that aren’t pass/fail, this program expects a high standard of presentation.

I pulled this from the website:

WHO IS ELIGIBLE A potential applicant must meet the following requirements before applying:

  • Be a current Toastmasters member in good standing

  • Have earned one of the following education awards, or higher:  (Able Toastmaster, Advanced Toastmaster Bronze or Advanced Communicator Bronze )

  • Have given a minimum of 25 speaking engagements to non-Toastmasters audiences within the past three years.

I’ve hit two of the three, so I’m on my way.  It’s that 25 speaking engagements part that I’ll need to work on to start on my way to becoming an Accredited Speaker.


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Introduce Millennials to Toastmasters – Sheryl Roush

Just when I think I know everything about Toastmasters, someone comes along and proves me wrong.

Today, we have Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG and Toastmasters Accredited Speaker.  She’s the keynote speaker at District 10’s Spring Conference.  We’re excited to have her, but I think she’s more excited to come to us.

Sheryl and I had a long conversation – too long for one podcast.  We have split the interview into separate parts because there’s too much for one podcast.  This part of our conversation focuses on the keynote presentation The Roadmap to Success and her education session, Sparkle When You Speak.  We also talk about the challenge of reaching out to the Millennial Generation.

Sheryl Roush bio

Sheryl Roush, DTM, is the CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, and brings a wealth of experience to this seminar, including 35 years of sales, marketing and graphic communication, plus 25 years as a professional speaker, and 20 as a speaking coach. She is a past District Governor and was the youngest, and 6th female to earn the Toastmasters elite Accredited Speaker designation. For enhancing global communication and leadership, she also received the Toastmasters Presidential Citation in 2009.

Sheryl Roush on Millennials

Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, AS  Saturday Afternoon Educational Session

Sparkle When You Speak!™

Ready to connect better with others?

Want to be more engaging?

Or just have more FUN speaking?

Whether you are speaking for 5 minutes, or 50, to 4 people, or 400, you need to enroll, engage, and educate your listeners. Based on top research from the fields of teaching, Sheryl Roush translates these high-level concepts into simple techniques that you will be apply in your life immediately – in speaking, training, leading, managing (and even parenting!).

In this interactive educational session, you will discover how to:

  • Grab and retain audience attention
  • Reach all types of listeners
  • Craft presentations faster and easier.

You can find information about ticket sales at

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Membership Achievement Record: Map Out Your Toastmasters Success

Are you sure where you’re going on your Toastmaster journey? Do you need to clear out your Toastmasters files?  Did you know one free download from Toastmasters International can help you with both of these problems?

One tool to clear out your files and to give you a map to your DTM:  Membership Achievement Record


membership achievement recordWe’re looking to move and it’s time to clean out the basement.  I’ve got far more Toastmasters materials stashed here and there and I’ve got to get them sorted out and organized.  How am I going to do it – when I’m unsure what I should keep and what I need to keep and what I can just throw away.

There are plenty of you out there in the world who know how to do this, but it’s a struggle for many of us.  Do I keep this HPL book?  Should I give these unused manuals away?  What about these conference programs?  How many Club Leadership and District Leadership manuals does one Toastmaster need?

Download the Membership Achievement Record from Toastmasters International to help you clear out your old files and to help you find your way through the educational program to get your DTM.

Shout out to Greg Loo, DTM, of Arizona, who gave me my Membership Achievement Record.

Shout out to the Southwest Florida Speakers Club in Cape Coral, Florida.

Action Point:  Volunteer to help your local clubs with their contests, either as a judge or as a target speaker.  There’s no better way to get multiple evaluations of a speech than to serve as a target speaker!

Action Point:  If you want to run for district office, it’s time to get your name to the district nominating committee now.

Watch for coming announcements about District 10‘s upcoming Spring Conference on April 16, 2016, at Malone University in Canton, Ohio.  We’ve got a great keynote speaker and the education sessions are looking spectacular.


“Fretless” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License




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Vicky Nann, DTM, DPRM on the HPL and Getting Young Members

Every time I talk to someone about Vicky Nann, I hear the same thing.  “Vicky’s amazing.”

Vicky Nann, DTMI think it must be true.  Today we’ve got an interview with District 10’s District Public Relations Manager Vicky Nann, DTM.  Vicky is not only serving in this district office, she’s also the president of two clubs (Medina Toastmasters and Beacon Toastmasters) but also the VP PR of Akron Central Advanced.

Vicky Nann on getting her DTM, HPL projects (High Performance Leadership) and getting younger members into Toastmasters clubs.


This new season will be featuring more interviews of DTMs about their favorite Advanced Manuals, ways to select an HPL project, and why you should always have a Competent Communicator manual in your Toastmasters briefcase.  We hope you’ll join us this year as we talk DTM track.

This year in District 10, we’re going to see some new programming available to our members.  In order to reach out more to our communities in Northeastern Ohio, District 10 wants to work with Toastmasters who want to do longer, bigger presentations.  If you’ve got a topic and can get a venue (although we may be able to help you with that) contact the District 10 Program Quality Director Dave Wiley about getting the word out for you to the Toastmasters membership.

Winter TLI – officer training is coming up just after the New Year.  If your club elects new officers every six months – yes, that does happen in some clubs – or new officers have been appointed to fill a vacancy in your club’s executive team, you want to be sure they get to an officers training.  You’ll find the details as they are released on the website.

Meetup logoIs your club on  This online tool is a great way to get exposure to people who don’t know any Toastmasters or even anything about us, but are looking for local clubs or meetings that will help them find organizations to meet their needs.  District 10 has set up a Northeastern Ohio Toastmasters site and your club can use it – for free! – just by signing up.  After you sign up for  – it’s free – then contact PQD Dave Wiley to get your club listed and you’ll be able to post your club’s meetings and announcements.  It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s effective.  And now it’s free!  Take advantage of this opportunity – my club recently had a guest drive almost an hour to our club meeting – and she drove past at least a half dozen other club locations closer to her home to get to us.  She could have come to your club’s meeting.

Our music today is Fretless from 

If you wouldn’t mind, how about a review?  Stop by and let us know what you think!  Or leave us a message on our website


Thanks to our sponsor – District 10 of Toastmasters International.  You can find them at


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The Last District Governor, Tony Green

Ever wonder what’s behind the curtain? This week, Immediate Past Immediate Past District GovernorTony (1)District 10 Governor Tony Green reflects on his year on the table.


He served as our last District Governor. Tony Green has served on the leadership team of District 10 several times over the years, and today we talk about the year he’s just finished – the good and the bad – and what he’s learned.

[Tony’s Interview]


Thanks to Immediate Past District Governor Tony Green for taking some time with us today. Congratulations to the entire trio for leading the district to Select Distinguished status!

We’re in the middle of contest season. If you’ve been asked to be a judge and you’re inclined to turn it down, go listen to our previous episode Say Yes to Contests: Ways to Improve Judging.

I lost the humorous speech contest in my club this week. The rules against talking to judges to get their feed back is killing me. But it does make me available to judge at your contest. Let me know if I can be there for you.
The TLI season is still in full swing. If you’re a club officer, have you been trained yet? has a list of the remaining officer and leadership training sessions for northeastern Ohio. Check them out!

District 10 clubs – the district is now on We want your meetings on this great tool for reaching out to new potential members. Because the district is paying for it, it’s FREE! Contact Dave Wiley and he’ll link you to someone who can help you. One club put up their meeting and a week later got a visitor – from 40 miles away. She passed the sites of at least a half dozen other clubs. If your club isn’t on Meetup yet, why not?

I visited a prison club recently that’s been having trouble getting advanced manuals. I’ve bought the whole set and I know I’m not going to use some them. Same with older materials that we can now download from TI such as the Better Speaker and Successful Club series.  If you’ve got some to spare, why not check with a prison club in your division or district that may have people who need them.

Welcome to the new District 10 Trio! Jenilee Taylor is now our District Director, Dave Wiley is now our Program Quality Director and Tim Juda is our Club Growth Director. I know, we’ll all still call them by their old terms for a long while yet, except the new LGET name which I’m going to call PDQ because… well, because. I must admit, calling a Sergeant at Arms a “Logistical Director” amuses me greatly. We wish the new trio well in the exciting adventure of leading District 10.

You’re probably wondering what’s going on with Fall Conference. If you’re interested in helping out – the Central Division is hosting the conference and the search is on for volunteers. Contact Dave Wiley, our PDQ, I mean our Program Quality Director, and let him know of your interest.

Our music today is from

As always, we can use some reviews on iTunes! In less than a minute, you could leave me some stars to help this podcast reach out to more people.

Meeting adjourned.

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Achieving the Distinguished Division Award

On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters

Season 1, episode 19.

Distinguished Division AwardsWe talk all the time about getting clubs to the Distinguished level in Toastmasters.  Not so much about the areas or divisons.  How do you get a division to distinguished or better?

Pete Punwani, Division Governor, Central Division - Distinguished Division!
Pete Punwani, Division Governor, Central Division – Distinguished Division!

Today we’re talking to Pete Punwani, Division Governor of District 10’s Central Division.  He has developed his newsletter to be a tool to communicate with his division.  It encourages clubs to understand the value of the Distinguished Club Program as the key to build a successful program for the members.  Here’s Pete -on the table.


We talk about –

Newsletters [1:30]

June 2015 Front and Center Newsletter [2:34]

DCP [4:12]

DTM [6:19]

My daughters’ favorite Toastmaster, Missy Moore [7:28]

Distinguished Division!  President’s Distinguished? [8:29]

Vicky Nann and Beacon Toastmasters [ 9:50]

Shout-outs to:

Central Division Presidents Distinguished Clubs

New Club

First Time Distinguished

Returning to Distinguished

Closing Announcements:

We’ve reached the end of the Toastmasters year.  We had the District Toastmasters Leadership Institute – also known as the TLI or officer training.  The stats are astounding – 74 of 109 clubs pre-registered some or all of their officers to attend and there were plenty of people who attended who walked in without registration.  The attendance was a staggering 240 members in the house.

The division make-up TLI schedule is now up on  Of course, I’m going to promote the Southern Division make up training because I’m a home-town girl, but each of the make-up trainings are great.  This is an easy point for your club to score on the Distinguished Club Program – just get 4 of your club officers to the training sessions!  The benefits of a DCP point pale compared to the value of a well-trained executive committee for your club.  Check the schedule at for details.

Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests are coming up soon.  Does your club have a club contest chair yet?  This is one of the first opportunities in leadership that Toastmasters gives the members in the Competent Leadership Manual.  If you need a contest rule book – and you NEED a contest rule book – you can download it from

A well-deserved Thank you to District Governor Tony Green, LGET Jenilee Taylor and LGM Dave Wiley for their service as our District 10 trio for the 2014-2015 year.  District 10 is Select Distinguished!  Congratulations to you for your success and we want to wish Jenilee and Dave the best as they start out their new roles, along with Tim Juda, as the 2015-2016 Trio.  We look forward to a great year under their leadership!

I happen to know that the Central Division will be hosting the Fall conference this year.  If you would like to volunteer as the Conference Chair, let Dave Wiley know! He’s looking for team leaders and committee members now.

Finally, thanks to Pete Punwani – one of the most inspirational Toastmasters I know.  This is only part of a much longer conversation that Pete and I had.  You’ll be hearing more excerpts from that interview in future podcasts, but right now, I want to wish Pete and his wife well as they anticipate the birth of their third child.  Thanks again, Pete.

If you like our podcast, will you take a moment and go to iTunes or Spreaker or Stitcher and post a review? Every star helps! Thanks!

Meeting adjourned.

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Area Governors

Janet WassermanArea GovernorJanice Wasserman: They are making a commercial for a street fair, so Baileys put on a kazoo video.  It was hysterical.

It’s approaching that time of year when the flowers start to bloom… the birds return… and the call goes out –


Ok, so now they’ll be called Area Directors.

Today I’ll be talking with Janet Wasserman, currently the Area Governor of Area 23 in District 10’s Eastern Division with the clubs Bailey Toastmasters, Eastside Advanced, Lubrizol, and the Miner Road Speakeasy.   Today on the table –  Janet has a great take on the role of area leadership.



Yes, I know, I normally have the transcript here.  Not today.


Now that Toastmasters International has announced that the revitalized education program is moving forward, getting those more challenging tasks done should be on your DTM checklist.  The clock is ticking for you to get a district office for the Advanced Leadership Silver– it may be time for you to apply for an area director position.  If you’re interested in a position, contact your club’s current area governor or the division governor for more information.  You can find out that person’s name and contact information on

If you’ve been the website, you’ll see that the summer Toastmasters Leadership Institute – also known as Officer Training – date has been announced.  Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 9 a.m. to noon at a new location –The Venue South Event Center and Days Inn & Suites in Richfield.
It’s easily accessible from I-77, the Ohio Turnpike, and Route 21/Brecksville Rd (Click for map)

Our new Program Quality Director – Dave Wiley – would like for you to take a moment and go sign up.  There is no charge and you get breakfast!  Seeing the location move further south to accommodate the more southernly members of the district is a nice thing – so hey, I’m calling out the southern division new officers – let’s show up at this TLI!  Not that the Southern Division’s make-up training won’t be outstanding – but the opportunity to meet with other new officers and Toastmasters from across the district shouldn’t be missed.

Besides, you’ll be part of the crowd who gets to stumble over our new officer role names.

Our music today is from – especially chosen for our guest today.  Thanks again, Janet!  I’ll be talking to you about that HPL project soon.

Meeting adjourned.

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Advanced Clubs

On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters Season 1 episode 17

Advanced Clubs - or - I eat my own words.

Sometimes eating words can be rich and tasty – like “Happy Birthday” in buttercreme icing on a cake.  In this case… not so much.  Today I’m talking about Advanced Clubs on the table.


When I was working toward my DTM, I was a member of the Hall of Fame Advanced Club in the District 10 southern Division.  I was a member for about a year, but then I quit.  I quit two other clubs at the same time – being a member of 4 clubs was a bit more than I could handle – time-wise and financially.  I know there are plenty of Toastmasters out there who do it. Continue reading Advanced Clubs

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Mark Brown Interview

What’s Mark Brown, winner of the 1995 World Championship of Public Speaking, talking about?  You’ll find out today – on the table.

Today we’re talking to Mark Brown, winner of the 1995 World Championship of Public Speaking.  Good morning, Mark.

Mark BrownMark L. Brown:  Good morning, Kim.

Kim Krajci:  How are you today?

MLB: I am feeling so great and I’m honored to be able to spend some time with you todya.

KK:  Thank you.  Where are you right now?

MLB:  I’m home in a little town called Lizella, Georgia, some two hours south of Atlanta, having returned last night at 1 a.m. from a week of speaking in Colorado.

KK:  Colorado, and you’re going to be in Cleveland. You must travel a lot.

MLB:  Actually, I travel close to 100 days a year on the job because I am a full-time professional speaker at the moment, so yes, I do travel quite a bit.

KK:  How long have you been in Toastmasters?

MLB:  Wow, I’ve been in Toastmasters for about 22 years.  I became a member in the spring of 1993. Continue reading Mark Brown Interview

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