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Season 1, episode 19.

Distinguished Division AwardsWe talk all the time about getting clubs to the Distinguished level in Toastmasters.  Not so much about the areas or divisons.  How do you get a division to distinguished or better?

Pete Punwani, Division Governor, Central Division - Distinguished Division!

Pete Punwani, Division Governor, Central Division – Distinguished Division!

Today we’re talking to Pete Punwani, Division Governor of District 10’s Central Division.  He has developed his newsletter to be a tool to communicate with his division.  It encourages clubs to understand the value of the Distinguished Club Program as the key to build a successful program for the members.  Here’s Pete -on the table.


We talk about –

Newsletters [1:30]

June 2015 Front and Center Newsletter [2:34]

DCP [4:12]

DTM [6:19]

My daughters’ favorite Toastmaster, Missy Moore [7:28]

Distinguished Division!  President’s Distinguished? [8:29]

Vicky Nann and Beacon Toastmasters [ 9:50]

Shout-outs to:

Central Division Presidents Distinguished Clubs

New Club

First Time Distinguished

Returning to Distinguished

Closing Announcements:

We’ve reached the end of the Toastmasters year.  We had the District Toastmasters Leadership Institute – also known as the TLI or officer training.  The stats are astounding – 74 of 109 clubs pre-registered some or all of their officers to attend and there were plenty of people who attended who walked in without registration.  The attendance was a staggering 240 members in the house.

The division make-up TLI schedule is now up on  Of course, I’m going to promote the Southern Division make up training because I’m a home-town girl, but each of the make-up trainings are great.  This is an easy point for your club to score on the Distinguished Club Program – just get 4 of your club officers to the training sessions!  The benefits of a DCP point pale compared to the value of a well-trained executive committee for your club.  Check the schedule at for details.

Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests are coming up soon.  Does your club have a club contest chair yet?  This is one of the first opportunities in leadership that Toastmasters gives the members in the Competent Leadership Manual.  If you need a contest rule book – and you NEED a contest rule book – you can download it from

A well-deserved Thank you to District Governor Tony Green, LGET Jenilee Taylor and LGM Dave Wiley for their service as our District 10 trio for the 2014-2015 year.  District 10 is Select Distinguished!  Congratulations to you for your success and we want to wish Jenilee and Dave the best as they start out their new roles, along with Tim Juda, as the 2015-2016 Trio.  We look forward to a great year under their leadership!

I happen to know that the Central Division will be hosting the Fall conference this year.  If you would like to volunteer as the Conference Chair, let Dave Wiley know! He’s looking for team leaders and committee members now.

Finally, thanks to Pete Punwani – one of the most inspirational Toastmasters I know.  This is only part of a much longer conversation that Pete and I had.  You’ll be hearing more excerpts from that interview in future podcasts, but right now, I want to wish Pete and his wife well as they anticipate the birth of their third child.  Thanks again, Pete.

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Meeting adjourned.

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