The Advanced Manual Review Project

Which manual do you think of as your favorite?  Which one did you learn the most from?  Want to talk about it?

On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters can give you the chance.

Toastmasters Advanced ManualsWe’re looking for a review that focuses on a short examination of each of the projects, what can be learned from the manual, and if you’d recommend it – and to whom.  What’s most important is your perspective.  How  did this manual help you as a speaker?

If you want, we can even do it as the Project 2: The Radio Talk Show from the Public Relations manual!  Think of it as a speech that runs 8 to 10 minutes.  (We’ll provide the evaluator.)

Remember, friends don’t let friends speak without a manual.

We’re only beginning our Advanced Manual Review Project, so contact us today at I can be reached at

If you want to help your fellow Toastmasters – do a Manual Review today!

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