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Janet WassermanArea GovernorJanice Wasserman: They are making a commercial for a street fair, so Baileys put on a kazoo video.  It was hysterical.

It’s approaching that time of year when the flowers start to bloom… the birds return… and the call goes out –


Ok, so now they’ll be called Area Directors.

Today I’ll be talking with Janet Wasserman, currently the Area Governor of Area 23 in District 10’s Eastern Division with the clubs Bailey Toastmasters, Eastside Advanced, Lubrizol, and the Miner Road Speakeasy.   Today on the table –  Janet has a great take on the role of area leadership.



Yes, I know, I normally have the transcript here.  Not today.


Now that Toastmasters International has announced that the revitalized education program is moving forward, getting those more challenging tasks done should be on your DTM checklist.  The clock is ticking for you to get a district office for the Advanced Leadership Silver– it may be time for you to apply for an area director position.  If you’re interested in a position, contact your club’s current area governor or the division governor for more information.  You can find out that person’s name and contact information on

If you’ve been the website, you’ll see that the summer Toastmasters Leadership Institute – also known as Officer Training – date has been announced.  Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 9 a.m. to noon at a new location –The Venue South Event Center and Days Inn & Suites in Richfield.
It’s easily accessible from I-77, the Ohio Turnpike, and Route 21/Brecksville Rd (Click for map)

Our new Program Quality Director – Dave Wiley – would like for you to take a moment and go sign up.  There is no charge and you get breakfast!  Seeing the location move further south to accommodate the more southernly members of the district is a nice thing – so hey, I’m calling out the southern division new officers – let’s show up at this TLI!  Not that the Southern Division’s make-up training won’t be outstanding – but the opportunity to meet with other new officers and Toastmasters from across the district shouldn’t be missed.

Besides, you’ll be part of the crowd who gets to stumble over our new officer role names.

Our music today is from – especially chosen for our guest today.  Thanks again, Janet!  I’ll be talking to you about that HPL project soon.

Meeting adjourned.

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