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That’s Art Byrd, Area 13 Governor for District 10.  Art and I had a discussion a while back – this is part 2 of that recording, where Art talks about how his club, Youngstown Executive Club 408 uses video to to help guests find their club.  Art’s got some great ideas about how simple it is for Toastmasters with even a cell phone to add a new dimension to the club’s Internet presence.

Have you ever had a secret… and it was burning a hole inside you to not tell?  I’ve had a secret now for a couple of weeks, so stick around to the end to hear some exciting news.

Kim Krajci: Art Bryd, how are you today?

Art Byrd: I am very, very good. How about yourself?

KK: I’m doing well, thank you. You are doing a yeoman’s work at Toastmasters. This year you are an area governor, and you are a club officer. How do you make that balance work?

Art Byrd uses video to promote his club.

Art Byrd, PR and Area Governor

AB: Well, I tell you what. I’ve come from a thing of probably of being simple, and trying not to, to knowing what the club needs. I have, one of the things I try to find out is what, what do we need? What do we need? And I write it down, and then I just try to check off certain things, I try to have at least one goal a month that I’m trying to get to. And that’s what the area governorship and also V.P. Of public relations, I just try to really know that I can’t do it all, I can’t be the Enjoli man, and cook it up in a pan and fry it-all that stuff. I just really try to find out what exactly do we need because sometimes you can do over too much but nobody wants to tell you that we didn’t need all that. So, I’ve seen that before. And so I just asked them, what’s something that we need? Okay, we need publicity for the open house, or publicity for the club contests. And plus, what I also do is at the meeting, I also videotape the speeches, and then I talk with the speakers afterwards. How’d you do your speech, why’d you do your speech? That kind of thing. So I do a lot of the media, the video editing and doing those kind of things. Because I think it adds something, and then posting it to youtube, so people can see the speeches and also the public relations people can see what they’re doing. So, I take pictures at the meetings, I do the videos. Then I try to put it together where the people can access it.

KK: That is an amazing PR job, you’re going to make me look bad doing mine.

AB: No, it’s basically because of my background. People don’t have background in doing media. I worked in a television station, and also I was the chairman of a film crew. So, learning how to get the word out is sort of something that I’ve fallen into. An capturing moments. I’m really good when there’s anything capturing moments. And we had a situation yesterday where we had one gentlemen, he told this great story about being a coach of a loosing team, and that moment would have been lost, but now it is preserved on video tape, or flip camera, and people can see it. And sometimes I think with Toastmasters people do speeches, great speeches that move people, inspire people, but it’s all gone. So, I also try to do an audio recording if I can, just to give it to them a little bit later and something along that line, add some value to what we do as Toastmasters.

KK: Have you done the communicating on video manual?

AB: I have not done that. That’s probably something because I do it. I probably wouldn’t do it. I’m basically doing it already and that kind of thing but there to help if anyone else is doing it. I don’t think anyone else is our club has done that.

KK: I was talking to another DTM who had finished that book as part of his 6 book requirement. And he said that if he were ever to do it again he would consider doing it with the team because there is so much involved in having somebody do the video, going-making sure it works, can do the editing, can do the posting, plus do the speech and the interview itself. There is a lot of work behind this kind of the thing. But he sees great value for Toastmasters Clubs being able to do this. Is there some way that you could help another club in or outside of your area who wanted to start doing this kind of a project?

AB: Sure. I mean, there’s a, there’s an easy way to do it, and my secret is – cause someone ask me, because I put together a year-end video, and with photos and everything. And people ask me, because what we’re going to be doing at 408, we’re doing, and we had a discussion yesterday on our, in our meeting, and I was leaving my meeting and I said “I know that a lot of people, there’s newsletters that people will send out. District 10 does one. I said, “How do you read them and how do you choose- do you read them? and a good thing they do read District 10s newsletter. Pete Punwani will be happy about that. But, they, I just thought, we’re like a kinda like a visual kind of thing. We’re so Youtube oriented that we want it quick. We don’t sometimes wanna read everything, so I came up with a visual newsletter. So what I do is like our club is moving to a new location. So what I did was I asked the president, Mark Williams, “Why are we, why are we moving?” and he gave me, on camera, or, and he gave that, so what I did was I put together a small little video story where I went out and I went to the new location and I filmed some video and I took some pictures. And we had gone there before, just to have a test meeting so I took pictures of the group actually in the building. So we just kind of did something, I did something like that. I put his voice under video and he explained why we’re going there and put that address. And the video was to show people where it was at because it’s going to be on the long strip of a city, and for them to know exactly where it’s at will help out, we’re hoping. Anyone can do what I’m doing, because what I’m doing, I put a template in, I use imovie, and what I do is I just stick the video in if it’s a speech, it’s an interview, right after. I try to make the interviews really short so I don’t have to edit them. And so it only takes me about 7 minutes to actually do the story, change the someone else’s name to someone else’s name, and make a duplicate copy, and do that. And it’s ready, it’s ready to post. And I try to post like on Wednesday, give myself, give myself a day. That’s another trick to doing all this is scheduling it so you’re not over committing and all, and that’s how I try to do it.

KK: That is an amazing project somebody could do a lot with. And my own club, which meets in a grocery store, and every week we don’t know where our meeting might be held.

AB: Okay.

KK: If we create a video that could show people on our meet up site or our website, this is were you look for us, that would be a very useful tool.

AB: Yeah.

KK: I can see this being very good for us.

AB: Well, you can do it in, I believe, anybody’s got an iPhone that takes video, that’s definitely a way to do it. And you just talk to someone else like you’re talking to me. And just kind of make it very simple and say “We have this, we have our club contest coming up, and what are you looking for,” what are you, and so hopefully instead of writing an article, I’m letting the person live tell what’s going on. And so we kind of thought about the DVD, and I asked people, did they want something physical? They’re more interested than streaming which kind of surprised me. Of having things streamed, so they can click on and yeah help yeah be at home instead of like a physical DVD.

Then there’s other people who want a physical DVD. So we’re going try both of those and we also wanted to use the video to contact old members, people who had been there before, to, especially like, we have one that, looking back for years, that’s when I pretty much started taking video and pictures. And just a reminder, “Hey, we miss you and we appreciate you being a part of our toastmasters, if you ever want to come back as a guest and so, so, so, just different things lead to a sort of different other thing, and for other groups how they would do video. Very, very easy, doesn’t take very long once you have the template that. And many people post to Youtube, Vimeo, and are able to do that. So, we have a presence, Toastmasters, we have a presence, along with our Youtube channel, and also with the Facebook channel, twitter, we try to do that.


I’m sad to say that Art Byrd is not giving an education session at the district conference.  I strongly encouraged him to apply.  This is the kind of information and opportunity that all Toastmasters can use!

The district 10 conference chairs agreed with me.  Art isn’t giving an education session presentation – he’s speaking to the entire conference at our morning session!

That’s the secret I’ve been sitting on – we’re going to have Art give a demo on how you can use your cell phone to add video to your club website.

If you haven’t decided about coming to the 2015 Spring Conference – make up your mind now.  Art’s presentation alone is worth the cost of admission in benefits to your club.

Ticket sales will start soon.  You can also go to – our wonderful sponsors – to check on the conference ticket sales.

Art isn’t our only speaker.  We’ll have six breakout sessions on a variety of topics – mentoring – club membership retention – communicating with those kids who should get off your lawn,  er…. Who are using technology in ways we Boomers don’t always understand.  We’ll also have the DTM award ceremony and the International Speech and Speech Evaluators contest.

The conference will be held on April 18, 2015.  You won’t want to miss it!

As always, thanks to District 10 for sponsoring On the Table Podcasts.

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