Can Contests Make Me a Better Speaker?

Donald Kelly Toastmasters Contest g+Can contests make you a better speaker?  Donald Kelly says it does for him.

Donald Kelly is the sales evangelist.  Actually, that’s the name of his business, his website, and his podcast.  He’s a successful salesman who has taken his expertise and built his own business with it.  Donald’s not only known for his business – he competed at the 2016 International Speech Contest at the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Friends introduced Toastmasters to Donald several years ago, which then led to his taking the stage at Podcast Movement as the MC of the foremost podcasting conference in the world.  He has introduced podcasters such as Adam Curry, John Lee Dumas, and Pat Flynn.

We took some time to talk about contests, in particular, the International Speech Contest.  Donald explained the sequence from club contest to international stage, his methods of preparing and his biggest piece of advice.

Happy Toastmasters New Year!

The Toastmasters year runs from July 1 to June 30 the following calendar year.  That means you’ve probably just elected new officers, the district officers have changed (maybe just changed jobs at the top level of the district) and you’ve got a new area director who’s checking out your club.  Make that person welcome when they come by, won’t you?  They’re pretty nervous about visiting and don’t know your club culture.  They want to help you succeed and have access to support that can help your club.


Advanced Manual Reviews

I’m still looking for DTMs to interview about their favorite advanced manuals.The Advanced Manual Review Project

We have already covered:

If you want to talk about an advanced manual, I’d like to give you the chance before the Pathways roll out is completed.  Just fill out the form and I’ll be in touch.


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