Interpretive Reading Advanced Manual Review with Carol Prahinski

Interpretive Reading with Carol Prahinski

The Interpretive Reading manual is one of the most specific set of speech projects.  Each of the presentations require a different set of skills. All of the speech projects are read, not performed like a speech.  Eye contact and body language are not to be evaluated.  This makes evaluating these…

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Can Contests Make Me a Better Speaker?

Donald Kelly Toastmasters Contest g+

Can contests make you a better speaker?  Donald Kelly says it does for him. Donald Kelly is the sales evangelist.  Actually, that’s the name of his business, his website, and his podcast.  He’s a successful salesman who has taken his expertise and built his own business with it.  Donald’s not…

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Special Occasion Speeches with Debbie Curtis

Special Occasion Speeches Advanced manual review

Advanced Manual Reviews Continues… Special Occasion Speeches Advanced Manual The five projects are: The Roast The Introduction Giving Praise Presenting an Award Receiving an Award A roast is a speech given in honor of a specific person who is the subject of some good-natured ribbing and insults.  This tradition had nearly…

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Storytelling: Advanced Manual Review with Maureen Zappala

Advanced Manual Review Storytelling

You asked for more information about the Advanced Manual series in the recent survey I asked you to fill out.  We’ve done a few, but Storytelling hasn’t been done yet. Here you go! The Storytelling Manual This is Maureen’s bio: Maureen Zappala is a former NASA propulsion engineer, turned professional…

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Communication and Leadership: Sheryl Roush part 3

Our final segment about communication and leadership from the interview with Sheryl Roush,  the keynote speaker at the District 10 Spring Conference of 2016. (Part 1)  (Part 2) Communication and Leadership Sheryl and I talk about how Toastmasters has had a tremendous impact on her life and her career.  “Where Leaders…

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Advanced Manual Review Project: Communicating with Video

That’s Dan Toussant, my DTM brother. We started this trek to the Distinguished Toastmaster together and with Terri Fullmer, we were all minted at the District 10 Fall Conference in 2013. In life, Dan is a recruiter and with his business partner, Katherine Burik, owns The Interview Doctor. They’ve written…

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