Communication and Leadership: Sheryl Roush part 3

Our final segment about communication and leadership from the interview with Sheryl Roush,  the keynote speaker at the District 10 Spring Conference of 2016. (Part 1)  (Part 2)Communication and Leadership with Sheryl Roush DTM AS

Communication and Leadership

Sheryl and I talk about how Toastmasters has had a tremendous impact on her life and her career.  “Where Leaders Are Made” isn’t just Toastmasters’ current tagline – it’s the truth.

DTM Leadership

It’s not just about getting a badge – the Distinguished Toastmaster Award is a sign of dedicated, long-term work.  Sheryl shares her story about the way she earned her DTM when the requirements were different from today’s set.

Do Them All

Sheryl has done multiple CC and all of the advanced manuals.  She talks about the value of working through all the speech manuals.  Sheryl knew her goals pretty early and planned her Toastmasters trek with them in mind.  Even the Leadership Excellence series (which I ‘ve rarely seen presentations from but I’ll change that next year!) has great value to Toastmasters who want to develop their leadership skills while giving presentations.

It’s been a pleasure to talk to Sheryl.  She’s full of stories about Toastmasters past and present.  I get a sense of the direction we’ve come as an organization over the decades.  Thank you, Sheryl, for the great interview for these podcasts.

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The Spring Conference is coming up in just 2 weeks.  We want you to have the best possible experience and we’ve gone crazy with additional education sessions, a fantastic keynote, and this year, a Sunday Brunch session about getting paid to go onstage.  If you’re interested, go to the District 10 website to get your tickets to the conference and to the Sunday Brunch.  The Sunday Brunch is open to non-Toastmasters – get your tickets now.

What shape is your gift basket for auctionWe’re still looking for baskets for the silent auction.  No need to get them to us early – just bring them to the conference that day.  Although, if you want to help, we’re looking for volunteers to help with the setup and the conference day itself.  Go to the page and sign up.



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