District 10 Toastmasters: Who are we?

District 10 of Toastmasters International is in the northeastern corner of Ohio.  We have 100 clubs over 24(?) counties with more than a thousand Toastmaster members.

District 10 may be the only district in the Toastmasters world that has created the office of DTM Mentorship Chair.  This program, developed by Marsha Friedman, works to support with information and mentors for those who wish to attain their Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

As the new revitalized education program is rolled out, the working time to achieve a DTM is now on a ticking clock.  As of this date, the current system and the new system will run concurrently for only two years.  If a member wants to get that award, they need to be streamlining their efforts.  The DTM Mentorship program is here to help.

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