How to Be an Exceptional Club Coach, Part 2

Part 1 of the conversation is here.

We continue our conversation with Region 6 Regional Advisor Carol Prahinski about being an exceptional club coach.Club Coach Distinguished Club Program

Toastmasters International Supplies for Club Coaches

You must be a member of Toastmasters to access these materials.

Toastmasters has a number of supplies available to assist a club coach.

The Club Coach Recruitment poster has the basics of the job.

The First Class Club Coach is an hour long program to train club coaches.

This assessment form can help identify the problems a club needs to address.

How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club is a PDF download of the plan for a club coach to follow.

Leading the Club to Success:  Club Officer Training includes the presentation Club Success Plan that a club coach could give to a struggling club.

Club Coach Help

If you’re working with a struggling club, you have many resources available.  The Club Growth Director will be able to give you a hand, but don’t ignore previous club coaches.  Even the ones who didn’t have a successful experience will have some words of wisdom to give you.

The member who takes on the coaching position is accepting a lot of challenges

  • low membership
  • poor attitudes
  • lack of commitment to the Toastmasters program
  • failure to manage the paperwork.

The biggest challenge is for the coach, however, is to avoid doing all the work themselves.  Rebuilding the club has to be the work of the members, not the coach.  This hands-off management may frustrate the more active of us (I know it frustrated me!) but by letting the club handle the problems with guidance will teach them how to handle things when the same situation again.  The ultimate goal of a coach isn’t just to get five goals of the Distinguished Club Program,  but to build a healthy club that will continue on into the future.



Balraj Arunasalam DTM, the president-elect of Toastmasters International, will be the keynote speaker at the District 10 Spring 2017 conference.  You can get more details about the conference at



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