Humorously Speaking Advanced Manual Review with Jenilee Taylor

It’s funny that this is the one advanced manual that took so long to find someone to actually talk about.  Humorously Speaking is reported to be the most popular advanced manual in the Toastmasters world.

I talked with Jenilee Taylor about the manual and why she found it so useful.  It helps that she’s already funny in real life.  We were working on a Youth Leadership Program together and opted to do this interview in her car, since the building acoustics are pretty bad.  We sat in the parking lot and talked humorously speaking for more than a half hour.  And we laughed.  Someone may have snorted glitter at some of our comments.  If you know Jenilee, you’ll know why – glitter is her favorite thing in the world.

Jenilee Taylor has been a Toastmaster for more than 10 years.  She’s served the district as LGET and as the first District Director.  She’s completed her third DTM in the classic program and now is working in Pathways.  Her club, Cuyahoga Falls Toastmasters, was one of only 6 clubs in the world to complete all of the 16 Distinguished Club goals in 2017-2018 – even though District 10 had not gotten access to Pathways until November, 2017.  Congratulations to Jenilee and (our) club!

Humorously Speaking…

I still need a couple of advanced manual reviewers.

If you have completed your DTM and would be willing to be interviewed, I’m looking for someone to interview about the Facilitating Discussion advanced manual.

Pathways Is Here

We are looking at wrapping up On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters by the end of this year.  It’s time to move onto Pathways.

I’ve got a co-host to add to the mix.  We’ve got the Pathways program to explore together.  Watch this space for future announcements about how we’re going to be moving to a new podcast website.  On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters will continue to be available on the podcast index of your choice until June, 2020.

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