Membership Achievement Record: Map Out Your Toastmasters Success

Are you sure where you’re going on your Toastmaster journey? Do you need to clear out your Toastmasters files?  Did you know one free download from Toastmasters International can help you with both of these problems?

One tool to clear out your files and to give you a map to your DTM:  Membership Achievement Record


membership achievement recordWe’re looking to move and it’s time to clean out the basement.  I’ve got far more Toastmasters materials stashed here and there and I’ve got to get them sorted out and organized.  How am I going to do it – when I’m unsure what I should keep and what I need to keep and what I can just throw away.

There are plenty of you out there in the world who know how to do this, but it’s a struggle for many of us.  Do I keep this HPL book?  Should I give these unused manuals away?  What about these conference programs?  How many Club Leadership and District Leadership manuals does one Toastmaster need?

Download the Membership Achievement Record from Toastmasters International to help you clear out your old files and to help you find your way through the educational program to get your DTM.

Shout out to Greg Loo, DTM, of Arizona, who gave me my Membership Achievement Record.

Shout out to the Southwest Florida Speakers Club in Cape Coral, Florida.

Action Point:  Volunteer to help your local clubs with their contests, either as a judge or as a target speaker.  There’s no better way to get multiple evaluations of a speech than to serve as a target speaker!

Action Point:  If you want to run for district office, it’s time to get your name to the district nominating committee now.

Watch for coming announcements about District 10‘s upcoming Spring Conference on April 16, 2016, at Malone University in Canton, Ohio.  We’ve got a great keynote speaker and the education sessions are looking spectacular.


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  1. Kim.
    Thanks for the tips. I’m planning to start working on my DTM.
    I wasn’t sure if I had enough work done for what it takes.
    Now I feel it is not impossible.

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