Speeches by Management Advanced Manual… by Santa!

Speeches by management advanced manual by SantaSome advanced manuals just sound dry.  The Speeches by Management probably makes most of us

  • shrug with indifference
  • wince with fear
  • yawn and move on.

The problem isn’t the manual, it’s the topic.  Taking a look at the project list might not inspire a lot of ideas.



Todd Taylor aka Santa CEO

Todd Taylor learned about Toastmasters during a first date.  After talking for several hours, Todd heard about better ways to Todd Taylor and Hermiecommunicate from the woman that later became his wife, Jenilee Taylor.  She inspired him to go for the DTM and wanted him to use the Speeches by Management advanced manual to get ready to move into a management position.

As an engineer, Todd’s used to thinking outside the usual box.  The challenge wasn’t to finish the manual.  The challenge was to make it fun.

With the Christmas sales already in the stores, Todd was inspired to take on the role of Santa.  But not Santa ho-ho-ho, but as Santa CEO.

Using a theme for an advanced manual isn’t unique to Todd.  Many people have used a theme or voice for their projects, either for fun or inspiration.  This isn’t Todd’s only journey into thematic advanced manuals.  This conversation went on quite a while after the recording ended with a long discussion about zombie invasions speeches.

Outside of his roles in Toastmasters (past area governor and past division director), Todd works in Akron, Ohio, as an engineer as a manager for a waste water company.  He’s married Jenilee Taylor DTM PDD (a frequent past guest of On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters) and is a member of Cuyahoga Falls Toastmasters.  Todd completed his DTM under the classic program and is now contemplating a new theme for his Pathways projects.

Speeches by Management Advanced Manual

In the end, Todd did move into a new job and a management position.  He said this manual did prepare him for the communication tasks that his new job required.  That’s the best endorsement for an advanced manual I can think of.

Speeches by management by Santa advanced Manual

We are still looking for DTMs to talk about their favorite advanced manual.  You can reach me through our contact page to volunteer.


Our jingle bells were from FreeMusicArchive.org.

“Christmas Rap” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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