Storytelling: Advanced Manual Review with Maureen Zappala

You asked for more information about the Advanced Manual series in the recent survey I asked you to fill out.  We’ve done a few, but Storytelling hasn’t been done yet.The Advanced Manual Review Project

Here you go!

The Storytelling Manual

Maureen Zappala on Storytelling

This is Maureen’s bio:

Maureen Zappala is a former NASA propulsion engineer, turned professional speaker, and the founder of High Altitude Strategies. She encourages high-performers who struggle with the “Impostor Syndrome,” the internal voice that says “I’m not as smart as everyone thinks I am!” 

With a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, she became the first female and youngest manager of NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory. While most engineers are not known for verbal communication skills, Maureen has shattered that stereotype.  In 2009, she was in the top 10 of 30,000 contestants in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking contest. She’s the author of “Great Speakers are Not Born. They’re Built” and is working on her next book “Over-Achiever, Under-Believer: How to Match Your Confidence to Your Competence.”

All of those things are true, but what they don’t convey is how easy it is to talk to Maureen.  This interview took place a few days before she left to represent District 10 at the World Championship of Speaking.  She’s happy with her performance there.

This manual had a direct impact on her final speeches.  Maureen is a gifted storyteller who knows the value of a great tale and how to make it connect with the audience.  Her stories about the Storytelling Manual will help you decide to try this manual out.

District 10 Fall ConferenceKelly Swanson

We’re gearing up for our fall conference here in northeastern Ohio.  This time, the Western Division is hosting us at LaCentre in Westlake on November 6, 2016.  Kelly Swanson, one of the keynote speakers at the International Toastmasters Convention in August, 2016, is our keynote speaker too! We’ve got exciting news about changes from Toastmasters International, a great lineup of education sessions, a fabulous DTM minting ceremony and two contests – Humorous Speeches and Table Topics.

Tickets are available at

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