The Entertaining Speaker Advanced Manual Review with Dave Wiley

Take your audience for a roller coaster ride.  That’s the goal of The Entertaining Speaker Advanced Manual.The Entertaining Speaker Advanced Manual review with Dave Wiley DTM

What a perfect way to describe the best speeches.  We have Dave Wiley to thank for that.

Dave Wiley has been a member of Toastmasters for 10 years.  In that time, he’s served as a trio member five times, a past trio member twice, and an area director once.

When Dave started in Toastmasters, he took on the role of VP of Education for his club, then went to President.  He loves seeing others succeed and thinks Toastmasters truly is where leaders are made.

When he is not participating in Toastmasters, he coaches soccer, teaches public school religion to second graders, writes and has been published in numerous publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul Books,  and his work experience as an IT professional has taken him all over the world.

The Entertaining Speaker

This is probably among the best manuals for a club.  We get great speeches when our members dive into these five projects.

Many manual projects are designed for the Toastmaster who is speaking outside the club.  The Entertaining Speaker is full of great information on how to construct and deliver a speech that isn’t boring.  As I work on my International Speech Contest presentation, the discussion I had about this manual sparked a lot of ideas for me to use.  I like the idea of the twist at the end.  I’m not sure how to use it – so I probably should get a copy of this manual in the next week to get ready for the contest.

I think many of the advanced manuals are written for the speech projects to be done in order.  They build on the skills taught in the previous project.  This manual sounds like it’s laying a foundation for that final After Dinner Speech.  That’s definitely when you want to be an Entertaining Speaker.



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