The Last District Governor, Tony Green

Ever wonder what’s behind the curtain? This week, Immediate Past Immediate Past District GovernorTony (1)District 10 Governor Tony Green reflects on his year on the table.


He served as our last District Governor. Tony Green has served on the leadership team of District 10 several times over the years, and today we talk about the year he’s just finished – the good and the bad – and what he’s learned.

[Tony’s Interview]


Thanks to Immediate Past District Governor Tony Green for taking some time with us today. Congratulations to the entire trio for leading the district to Select Distinguished status!

We’re in the middle of contest season. If you’ve been asked to be a judge and you’re inclined to turn it down, go listen to our previous episode Say Yes to Contests: Ways to Improve Judging.

I lost the humorous speech contest in my club this week. The rules against talking to judges to get their feed back is killing me. But it does make me available to judge at your contest. Let me know if I can be there for you.
The TLI season is still in full swing. If you’re a club officer, have you been trained yet? has a list of the remaining officer and leadership training sessions for northeastern Ohio. Check them out!

District 10 clubs – the district is now on We want your meetings on this great tool for reaching out to new potential members. Because the district is paying for it, it’s FREE! Contact Dave Wiley and he’ll link you to someone who can help you. One club put up their meeting and a week later got a visitor – from 40 miles away. She passed the sites of at least a half dozen other clubs. If your club isn’t on Meetup yet, why not?

I visited a prison club recently that’s been having trouble getting advanced manuals. I’ve bought the whole set and I know I’m not going to use some them. Same with older materials that we can now download from TI such as the Better Speaker and Successful Club series.  If you’ve got some to spare, why not check with a prison club in your division or district that may have people who need them.

Welcome to the new District 10 Trio! Jenilee Taylor is now our District Director, Dave Wiley is now our Program Quality Director and Tim Juda is our Club Growth Director. I know, we’ll all still call them by their old terms for a long while yet, except the new LGET name which I’m going to call PDQ because… well, because. I must admit, calling a Sergeant at Arms a “Logistical Director” amuses me greatly. We wish the new trio well in the exciting adventure of leading District 10.

You’re probably wondering what’s going on with Fall Conference. If you’re interested in helping out – the Central Division is hosting the conference and the search is on for volunteers. Contact Dave Wiley, our PDQ, I mean our Program Quality Director, and let him know of your interest.

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Meeting adjourned.

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