Vicky Nann, DTM, DPRM on the HPL and Getting Young Members

Every time I talk to someone about Vicky Nann, I hear the same thing.  “Vicky’s amazing.”

Vicky Nann, DTMI think it must be true.  Today we’ve got an interview with District 10’s District Public Relations Manager Vicky Nann, DTM.  Vicky is not only serving in this district office, she’s also the president of two clubs (Medina Toastmasters and Beacon Toastmasters) but also the VP PR of Akron Central Advanced.

Vicky Nann on getting her DTM, HPL projects (High Performance Leadership) and getting younger members into Toastmasters clubs.


This new season will be featuring more interviews of DTMs about their favorite Advanced Manuals, ways to select an HPL project, and why you should always have a Competent Communicator manual in your Toastmasters briefcase.  We hope you’ll join us this year as we talk DTM track.

This year in District 10, we’re going to see some new programming available to our members.  In order to reach out more to our communities in Northeastern Ohio, District 10 wants to work with Toastmasters who want to do longer, bigger presentations.  If you’ve got a topic and can get a venue (although we may be able to help you with that) contact the District 10 Program Quality Director Dave Wiley about getting the word out for you to the Toastmasters membership.

Winter TLI – officer training is coming up just after the New Year.  If your club elects new officers every six months – yes, that does happen in some clubs – or new officers have been appointed to fill a vacancy in your club’s executive team, you want to be sure they get to an officers training.  You’ll find the details as they are released on the website.

Meetup logoIs your club on  This online tool is a great way to get exposure to people who don’t know any Toastmasters or even anything about us, but are looking for local clubs or meetings that will help them find organizations to meet their needs.  District 10 has set up a Northeastern Ohio Toastmasters site and your club can use it – for free! – just by signing up.  After you sign up for  – it’s free – then contact PQD Dave Wiley to get your club listed and you’ll be able to post your club’s meetings and announcements.  It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s effective.  And now it’s free!  Take advantage of this opportunity – my club recently had a guest drive almost an hour to our club meeting – and she drove past at least a half dozen other club locations closer to her home to get to us.  She could have come to your club’s meeting.

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